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Perfect Day Perfect Dance

It is the biggest day of your lives and she stands in front of you, breathtakingly beautiful in a magnificent white gown. Your palms are sweating and you're trying not to perspire in therental tuxedo and fussy cravat which feels like it is beginning to choke you.

It's your wedding day and you're facing the biggest challenge yet as a newly married couple... The first dance. The dance floor is polished to perfection and you are imagining getting tangled in the hoop skirt of her gown and ending in an untidy sprawl on the floor in front of your colleagues, friends, family and mother-in law.

Dancing in front of 100 people, including your new in laws and your boss, can be a stressful experience and most couples prefer to eliminate as much of the stress as possible – and this is where we step in.

Beyond that magical moment of a beautifully choreographed dance on your wedding day, dance will teach you skills that will be useful in marriage. It forms a strong emotional connection and teaches trust. It teaches a woman to follow and a man to use his strength to lead, along with providing him with a small repertoire of great dance moves.

Dance develops a fun social skill that you can use whenever you go out together. And it’s a fantastic stress release.

The opening dance brings enchanting entertainment to your wedding reception. Guests love to watch, undoubtedly, the most elegant few minutes of the wedding day. It’s a great privilege to be involved with couples at this exciting time in their lives. If your getting married give us a call and come in to meet the Ceroc Dance Team.

It is worth it. Check Out our brides Album on Facebook.

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